Monday, November 7, 2011

Kitty is Missing!

Precious Boy "Reno is Lost" my Shadow, my Joy and the Giver of so much Love is Missing!

I know so many bloggers have cats, I've seen them and I know you can understand my pain!  For those that might visit my blog, I just wanted to let you know, I will be back soon.  I know I need to go on!

Reno went out in your backyard November 1st and has not been seen since??  I can not even think straight to do my normal routine, I was so excited for the Holidays and even had a booth set up For December to sell some Shabby.  I know there is so much tragedy in this world, but not knowing what happened or where he is tears at my heart and brain.  Of course, I have done all the things to find him: Posters, Adds, Walking calling our, checking the Lost and Found Pound, Craigslist and Notices on neighboring houses and checking garages, yards and sheds.
 Today is a heavy sad day, I fear coyotes got by boy, we live too close to their territory.  He always went out for approximately 45 minutes in the morning and returned looking forward to his morning treat of wet cat food waiting for him.  He would not miss this ever!  If any one read my earlier post on "Reno" he survived two hip surgeries and was doing well, running and being a normal cat.  He loved being in our yard several times a day. In and Out, In and Out!

Oddly enough I was about to do a post on him before he disappeared, On how well he has recovered from his surgeries.  Now it is a different post.. So I will include a few pictures, as sad as it is, I feel it helps.  As you can see he was a very curious boy!   Thank you for listening and I pray no one has to go through this.  Give your pet a hug or kiss for "Reno" and Us!

I really scared her on this one!

If she leaves it open I'm there!

I just love this easy access to my neightbor's they gave me
because I kept falling off the fence trying to get there and I will
go there!! It's the only yard with no dogs and all the friendly cats play there!
She told me 10 times, I will not gve up!

She is always so busy, I just want to be near!

What I can't stay here either!

You know I like bags, so why the surprise?

You should have put the potting soil closer,  you snooze you lose!

She has told me these appliances are very dangerous, it's
warm and I want to clean!
When she adds more clothes she will see me!

Yes, they let me sleep on top the kitchen cabinets!

Just a little friend!
I am just playing with the moose!

she went to get the little tree, do you think she sees me?
Even as a little kitten, I tried to help!

So cozy!

This is my last picture taken of Reno I took the door wreath off just for Halloween
and he found it!

This is "Jazz" his favorite neighbor cat who comes to play everyday
and is still looking for "Reno"

Reno, we pray you are in a safe place and I won't give up looking for you, We hope to see you again!