Saturday, July 8, 2017

I am still here!

Hello, and yes I have not posted all that I have done lately!  Not enough hours in a day!

Oh I have Painted a lot of furniture makeovers and it seems so much easier to post them
on Instagram.  I can post from Instagram to Facebook but do not know how at the same time
to post to my blog?  I wish I could say, I have been on vacation, not!  working
very hard and enjoying the passion of redoing furniture, diy's, quilting and crafts!

Postings, coming soon!

Take care,



Curtains in My Tree said...

well show us some pictures here of all your hard work
I'm on instrgam also now
i'll look for you


Kafran said...

est ce que tu es sur facebook...pour montrer tes te ddécouvre et aimerais te suivre...merci

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