Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas is for the Birds!

Christmas is for the Birds,  on my Tree this year! 

I have to say, it is a Xmas Dollar Tree!  Really just about everything came from the Dollar Tree,  it all started when I was looking for birds and did they have them!

I wanted to do something different this year, I have so many lovely ornaments for the tree, but I was in the mood for different!  Nature and birds was my theme.  I hope you like the tree, I really enjoy it.

 I love Christmas time, even with all the hustle and bustle that goes with it!  I think this has been my busiest one yet,  we went to Mississippi for Thanksgiving, will post about that wonderful trip later!  Did a Craft Show Dec 3rd,  hard work and was not as successful as I hoped!  Shopping, mailing, decorating, and planning for Christmas Dinner!  Oh my!
And I am still trying to finish a quilt for a gift!  I tell myself every year, NEXT YEAR,  I will start in October and by December, just be enjoying Holiday Movies, Magazines, and Baking!  Right, well, we will see in 2012!

The birds, pine cones, and wreath for the top were from the Dollar Tree
they had a package of red and gold pine, I just added a ribbon on them,
and a bag of plain pine cones that I painted the tips white!  On the wreath, I just stuck in some
dry clippings for a nest.

I had some clear bulbs, that for years I was going to craft with. To go with the bird theme,
I added some bird seed and tied a ribbon on top.

I stuck various clippings from shrubs and branches of trees
from outdoors to stick in the Christmas tree.

My tree is artificial so I have some live Christmas tree branches added
to mine, for the pine smell!  Thanks to a friend who trimmed their Christmas tree!


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Friday, December 2, 2011

Shabby Christmas Craft Fair

With great regret, I have to say our Lover Boy, Kitty "Reno" has not come home.  I have not posted in a while, but I am back now, I miss my shadow and trouble maker and pray he is in a good place! 

I signed up to do a Christmas Fair, so I had to push on without my helper! 

I wanted to show a few items that I will be selling, besides of course, Shabby Furniture, Decor and Christmas Items.  I am so busy and the pressure is on!

If you are in Reno, Nevada the Fair will be at the Damonte High School, 10500 Rio Wrangler Parkway!  Dec. 3rd Saturday.
Hope to see you there!  10am to 4pm

Not the greatest pictures and hardly any Before shots of my
redo's sooo Busy!
What do you think about my Boots? I will post about them later
Got to go, set up is tonight for the sale.

I have not even got the Christmas Lights up outside or my Christmas Tree done yet!
Where is Santa's Elf's to help me??


Monday, November 7, 2011

Kitty is Missing!

Precious Boy "Reno is Lost" my Shadow, my Joy and the Giver of so much Love is Missing!

I know so many bloggers have cats, I've seen them and I know you can understand my pain!  For those that might visit my blog, I just wanted to let you know, I will be back soon.  I know I need to go on!

Reno went out in your backyard November 1st and has not been seen since??  I can not even think straight to do my normal routine, I was so excited for the Holidays and even had a booth set up For December to sell some Shabby.  I know there is so much tragedy in this world, but not knowing what happened or where he is tears at my heart and brain.  Of course, I have done all the things to find him: Posters, Adds, Walking calling our, checking the Lost and Found Pound, Craigslist and Notices on neighboring houses and checking garages, yards and sheds.
 Today is a heavy sad day, I fear coyotes got by boy, we live too close to their territory.  He always went out for approximately 45 minutes in the morning and returned looking forward to his morning treat of wet cat food waiting for him.  He would not miss this ever!  If any one read my earlier post on "Reno" he survived two hip surgeries and was doing well, running and being a normal cat.  He loved being in our yard several times a day. In and Out, In and Out!

Oddly enough I was about to do a post on him before he disappeared, On how well he has recovered from his surgeries.  Now it is a different post.. So I will include a few pictures, as sad as it is, I feel it helps.  As you can see he was a very curious boy!   Thank you for listening and I pray no one has to go through this.  Give your pet a hug or kiss for "Reno" and Us!

I really scared her on this one!

If she leaves it open I'm there!

I just love this easy access to my neightbor's they gave me
because I kept falling off the fence trying to get there and I will
go there!! It's the only yard with no dogs and all the friendly cats play there!
She told me 10 times, I will not gve up!

She is always so busy, I just want to be near!

What I can't stay here either!

You know I like bags, so why the surprise?

You should have put the potting soil closer,  you snooze you lose!

She has told me these appliances are very dangerous, it's
warm and I want to clean!
When she adds more clothes she will see me!

Yes, they let me sleep on top the kitchen cabinets!

Just a little friend!
I am just playing with the moose!

she went to get the little tree, do you think she sees me?
Even as a little kitten, I tried to help!

So cozy!

This is my last picture taken of Reno I took the door wreath off just for Halloween
and he found it!

This is "Jazz" his favorite neighbor cat who comes to play everyday
and is still looking for "Reno"

Reno, we pray you are in a safe place and I won't give up looking for you, We hope to see you again!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hi Ya Pumpkin Friends!

Keep the Home Fires Burning!

I love this old greeting card
So cute, it's an 1988 card by
Marcel Schurman Co.

Have a Fun and Safe Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thrift Store Turkey's

Gobble Gobble!!
I went thrifting just for some Thanksgiving items, especially anything TURKEY, and I found just that.  Lucky me :)

Some days, I get the calling to go check the local Thrift stores,  I haven't even discovered them all yet.  I am waiting for one full day, just to go check them all out!  And it can take a full day!  Thrifting to me is relaxing, your mind is free of everything, especially if no one is waiting for you to return home at a certain time.
Vintage and so cute, china and 5x9 inches
Not sure what I will put in this!  I already have a tradition for a gravy dish!
The ladle spoon has a feather pattern and it matches the
color in the china turkey platter exactly, its an orange/red color, and they were not together! 

Can you see how the color matches :)
This platter is 15 inches & china   @ $3.50
no markings on the back?
Looks Vintage to me!

This fall pitcher would look great with flowers!
$2.50 and I was in the mood

I love this hand carved wood turkey
made in Mexico
The body and head is one piece.  You can see the nails to attach feet and wings,
and except for the paint
it is done in pencil, all pencil markings
check the below pictures!

Thanks for looking, so many blogger's share they finds, so I wanted to join in, some one besides me to appreciate some one's trash and now my treasure!
I have been going to thrift store for so many years,  even before it was so acceptable to even say you go there!

Sharing with those that have the bug is great!
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Burlap Hutch DIY and Redo

Burlap and Knots Hutch

I was lucky enough to come across a roll of Burlap at a thrift store months ago and then found this Hutch at a garage sale, the poor thing had no shelves, the back was warped and detaching and I did not like the mirror on the back, BUT, this would be bur bur burfect for my roll of burlap!!  And it had a working light to show off treasures! 
I was dying to take the hutch apart and get started.  As far as the knots, well when purchasing my wood for the shelves, I loved all the knots on the plank of wood.  At first I painted over them, and that bothered me, so I immediately wiped off my first shelf to reveal those beautiful knots.  Yes, I liked that better, now the shelves had a knotty plan for the redo!
Sometimes when you are working on a redo, things just fall into place!  This  Hutch, I feel is unique and just because I love her, I am not sure the reaction I will get.?


I did not get a picture of the new backing wood sheet or knotty pine plank for my shelves, but here is the story:

The best part was at my Home Depot I bought the backing sheet of wood and the big plank of knotty
pine for shelves and I did not have to cut it,  or better yet ask the hubby to do it!
I went prepared, being a girl scout for 5 years came in handy!!  I had all the measurements I needed for the shelves and also brought the old warped backing for the hutch right in to them!  A few stares, but it is Home Depot!  Maybe it was my painting outfit I had on??? 
Anyway, the nice guy cut all the shelves, listening to me without any slack or trying to tell me what to do,  no stress!  Now, that would not have been the scene at home with the hubby!!!
 I traced out the old backing on the new sheet and he cut the squared amount I needed.  Of course, I had to come home and hand cut out the top curving for the hutch, but that was it!    Service with a smile!!!

You can see the mirror on the
back in this shot!  Well that is coming OUT!
excuse the mess, working area!

Now for the AFTER
I did take a few :)

Thanks for visiting,
take care,

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