Monday, March 28, 2011

Kitty "Reno" has Recovered! Shabby Do!

Hello, Just wanted to let you know that Reno has made the 3 week recovery from his second hip surgery and is doing well.  After his bone biopsy, happily it was discovered he had physeal displaysia He was born with this genetic hip disorder and if anyone needs additional information feel free to contact me.  He is so happy and appears to be in no pain!  He is starting to run and play and get around better each day. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Painting, Sewing, and Thinking of More Projects!

Hello, I am so excited about Spring, I know it is coming, but when?  I have been busy and will post more Redo Furniture soon.  I have been going in too many directions lately, as I know, this most sound familiar???

Painting Shabby Redo furniture and then I decided to use some of my "don't care" paint and do one wall in the garage for picture taking. I am not always able to get the furniture in the house for a good picture.  I am lucky enough to get it home to the garage to work on, honestly, I look like a member of the Hillbilly family with the goods piled high in my older truck.  I seem to want to explain on my route home as they look at me "This is good stuff, I have a Plan".  Got to love the truck, good for hunting the Shabby stuff!

And then their is the Sewing, trying to finish my vintage pillowcase quilt, and of course started another project for Easter.  I hope to get them done in time.  Talk to you soon.