Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy and Safe Halloween to All !!

I just love this picture from a greeting card I purchased.   Too cute!  Just wanted to share.
Enjoy your family and don't eat too much Candy. :)

I changed my fall sign for a Halloween one. (If you saw my last post) My easy scrap wood Pumpkin will be for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving!  
I have not planned Thanksgiving but Pumpkin Decor can go a long way, and I love Pumpkins, especially the Name "pumpkin", so cute, not to mention eating all those pumpkin recipes!  Yum!

Now, are these Ghost Fairies too cute?  I took this picture last year from someone!s yard, can't 
take any credit or give a source, sorry don't hurt me anyone!!!!!!!  
If your out there let me know!

They sure look like plastic drop cloth for painting was used?
So they are Shabby precious to me!

Until next time,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Decor & DIY

     Hello, I hope your Summer was as full and wonderful as mine!  Very busy with Family
and house guest.  It had been 3 years since my daughters and 5 grand kids have been all together!
Mom's summer visit, 3 brothers and my new step-daughter.  She found her Dad after 50 years!
Plus we had friends too!  As one left, others arrived on the same day!  I was  quickly changing sheets, cleaning And buying goodies to eat!  Many joke and say "we are a Bed and Breakfast without charging."  We love all and would not have it any other way!
Sometimes Blogging needs to be on the back burner!  I am way behind in posting my projects, but since it is Fall, I will start with my Fall décor for outside and inside our Home!

Scrap wood Pumpkin
I actually used old fencing, which is one of my favs for old weathered wood.  I am always on the look out for these.  Easy to do, I have seen similar pumpkins on Pinterest
And love them!


Now to show you the back of the pumpkin, so you can see it is Easy!

outside porch fall decor!

If you have visited before you know I always use Cat Tails in my displays, love them and this time they were left natural instead of my usual painting them.

Simple wreath I had done before, just changed the ribbon, which has
Sunflowers on it. (Found at Dollar Tree)

                                      Here is a Halloween DIY Tip!

YES it works, I just sprayed my white bulbs with the paint, of course cover the base.  Hard to show you in a picture, but it really works.  I tried this paint on regular bulbs, and with black paint but this did not work.  Most important, don't use any other bulb but above, the regular bulb gets HOT HOT!  Only use the above bulbs!  This is my second year using my painted orange ones!  Who knows what colors you might try?

Come on inside for some more Fall Decor!

Hubby and I just hanging around!  
I wasn't sure what to do with these, and you know how an idea just pops in your mind, well off I went in the sewing room to whip up a skirt and bow tie, giggling to myself, well I thought it was funny?

Do you know what this black object is?  Tell you in a bit, hint, it is vintage, and was very useful!

My husband brought the little pumpkins home from the grocery store for me, so I needed to do something with them.  I had my dried sunflower heads, which I was saving for the seeds.
I really liked the combination of vintage, primitive and new mixed.

Did you noticed the Crow flew down from the chair to the Vintage Newspaper Roller?  Yes, it rolls 
Paper into logs for the fireplace!  Anyone guess it correctly?  
I dry brushed the wood handles only, the rest is black metal and cast iron legs.  I have had it 4 years, and finally did something with it.

Wishing all of you a great fall!  
It is a wonderful time of year, not to hot, 
not to cold, and full of color!