Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Splatter

Eggs do come from Chickens!

I wanted to use a chicken Easter Basket this year!
I dyed the eggs in Turmeric!  Wonderful dye, we do cook a lot with this seasoning, but be careful, it really stains, everything!
I decided to just splatter black paint on the eggs.  I love the speckled ones, but too many of them out there now, so I wanted to do something different!  Just dip your brush in paint and splatter on!  Practice first for the look you want!

The basket was found at a thrift store, loved the tile on the front with a chicken and of course, my favorite, a Rooster.  I just dry brushed some white paint on the brown basket. 

 I will be going to my Daughter's for Easter.  I hope all your Baskets are full this Easter!

wishing all a fantastic Easter!
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Fence panel and bird wall art

Birds, Quotes, and Vintage Knob Wall Plaque

I purchased 4 adorable bird plagues with quotes that I was impressed with from the Dollar Tree. Honestly sometimes I can't believe the items you can find there. A lot is just what you expect for a $1.00 but these bird plagues even had an easel to stand them up for display. I knew I wanted to create something with these, I just loved the birds and quotes!

 I wanted to put them on barn wood or rustic wood scraps, but a check in my wood pile did not give me the length I wanted! Off to my second wood pile "Home Depot" and checked out their fence panels.  Cedar was on sale for $1.18 a panel, now how can you not try that?

Below, I took some close ups to help read the quotes.  My finished wall plaque is on the bottom of the page!

  I just stained the cedar and painted it lightly with a grey paint I had.
You don't even know about my paint stash!  Hopefully it will not get to be like my quilt fabric stash?
  I took off the easels and just wood glued the bird plagues on, easy! Something else needed to be done so I added a
wonderful vintage door knob!   I placed my wall plaque by the slider going out to the backyard, where I do feed and bird watch!  Love watching the seasonal birds we get!  Indoor Kitty likes watching too!

These wood pieces were from my stash, but were not long enough, just wanted to show
the bird plagues before I tore off the easel stands.

Not a fantastic picture, just could not get a good shot, could it be the
photographer, hum!

Take care,

Sunflower Fall Wreath

 Sunflower and Sequence Fall Wreath

Hello, This was a very easy and low cost Wreath!

Funny thing is, I did this for Spring and then realized after I hung it up for 2 weeks, that Sunflowers do not come up in the Spring, they are more Autumn or Fall Flowers so I took the wreath apart and did a true Spring Wreath with hydrangeas. 
Now back to the Sunflower and Sequence Wreath.
I was in Big Lots and saw these Sunflowers with gold sequence in the center. Great idea, even if you can't find these same ones, glue sequence on other Sunflowers?   You know when you see something and like it, not knowing at the time what you will do with it?   BUY IT,  you will create in time!  These Sunflowers even have a clip on the back!   I had bought a twig wreath earlier at JoAnn's (on sale from a bin outside their store) love a good sale!  Knowing someday I would use it, and below you can see I did!  For extra Bling, I put a gold ribbon to match the sequence.


Take care,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vintage Hankies and Burlap Curtains

My version of the Vintage Hankie Curtain.  I did mine on Muslin and made a Burlap Valance!

I know so many have seen them in Flea Market Style Magazine and on Pinterest.  The one where they used white sheets for the background.  Lovely, but I decided to use Muslin.  I love the sheerness and beige color of Muslin and it matches the material I am using on my sewing table skirt.  I will post that soon.

For my sewing/craft room, I needed light, fresh air and most of all, well, I don't know about you, but I am not always decent in attire when I am sewing or using my craft/sewing room!!!  Privacy when needed!
Yes, been know to iron, craft, and cut fabric, etc., half naked!  I am sure the gentlemen next door really does not need to view that!  My blinds were just not enough for me, and besides, those that love the vintage hankies and collect them know that just seeing them everyday, is better than having them just tucked away.

I also had been wanting to do a Burlap valance so putting hankies and burlap together was my plan.

I wanted to tie in the burlap with the hankie panels so I added a burlap bow on the ends of the curtain rod.

I pinned them in place first for the arrangement,  then stitched around the edges, best to base them first, but not me, just pinned and prayed!  The scallop edge hankies were more
difficult, but I wanted to use them.  Now I know why the hankies used in the magazine 
were all square!  Another thing, my collection of hankies varied in size, so planning the lay out is important.  It was a hard decision with so many wonderful hankies?

On the Burlap, I pulled the burlap thread on the ends for a fringe, then made
a sleeve from the muslin material to slip the curtain
rod through and help match the muslin with my hankie panels.

I hope this inspires you, and if you have any questions on making these, please let me know!
Take care,

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Buttons for the trash can!

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons who doesn't love them!
Hello to Everyone, I hope this finds you well and happy!
I am finally working on my sewing room!  Soon to share my vintage hankie curtains, and sewing table skirt!  So happy they are finished.  The skirt was a challenge!   Quite please with them, check back for that post.  I so want to get this room project done!.  If only my " to do " list was not soooo long! 
Back to the buttons!
I was looking at my very needed trash can and although I like the black metal can, it needed something?   Once you start decorating a room, you know there is no stopping the brain!  Well, a few ideas came to me, decoupage scraps on it, shabby it with paint, but buttons came to me, and buttons were just what I did!  See below, what do you think?

Very little supplies needed!  Super easy and the hot glue set
so fast with the metal can!

I did spray paint over the black upper and lower can
due to scratches.  I have to admit I did it after gluing on the buttons! Yes,  which meant taping over the buttons!  Am I the only one that does things the hard way???  I get too anxious and excited to do the fun part!

Here she is in her spot!  I just love the buttons, what do you think!

I am working with Window's 8 now and also used my ipad app to do some of this post!  A lot of hair pulling, swearing and wanting to be 21 years old to learn it all , well for a month a least :)
so bare with me!

Take care,

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