Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Decor to Share

Merry Christmas From our Home to Yours!

Yes, that is our cat in the tree, so this one is for Her!  Just
one strand of lights and a topper.  I just had to have one fresh tree
to put presents under for family.

Leopard poinsettia for Sheba (kitty)
My special tinsel tree, all the vintage ornaments I found on my last antique shopping trip with my 
Brother Mike, RIP. He was so tickled I found them in the shop where he had a space!

Remember these trees?  I have had this since 1970!

By now you know I love Trees!

Yes, inspired from Pinterest, I did it!  Spray painted the
frame, had the screen, and did purchase the ornaments.
The trunk was made from an ornament I had, little package in gold,
perfect, and I was lucky to find the star ornament for the topper!
This took patience, but so happy I made this project.
This is the inside of our entry door.  This Wreath was simple to make, I purchased these leopard poinsettias to put on a tree, but with the cat climbing in and out of our live tree, the idea came to me to make a wreath!  I just used a twig wreath and the the poinsettia's had a clip on their back, it was fast and easy.

I love Santa's too!  The tree is done in all my Santa ornaments from years past.
Would you believe my sweet Brother Rick, found these for me, he knew I had been 
looking for for them.  I have 5 brothers and only two are not into collecting various items,
The fever is in the family.  Love ya, Rick!

I made my own vintage feather tree 3 years ago, used small cookie cutters 
and put cinnamon pine cones in my husbands vintage bowl.  Love this for the kitchen!

I do have more to share but need to go, it is Christmas Morning and family will be arriving, I have been away for a while, I lost my Brother Mike to Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis November 25th, it is only 1 month today, I miss him so much and it has been hard, but with family coming and needing to be there for others, has kept me going.  Give lots of hugs today and say "I love You" to close ones!

I hope everyone has family surrounding them today,

Merry Christmas


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Family illness break

     Absent for a while

Sadly life throws us a curve!  My dear Brother of 67 years young is battling Blood Cancer,
Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis, I have been with him for 3 weeks in Idaho, came home and now
returning to Idaho to stand by him in his fight in the Hospital.  I rarely do personal post, but wanted to let you know,
All prayers will help.  This was an eye opener for me not to sweat the small stuff!

Take care,

           I have returned home

               With a heavy and sad heart, my Brother Mike lost his fight against Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis.  We were a family of 9 growing up and to lose a brother has been very hard for me. 
I know tragedy happens to all of us sooner or later, and that the pain will get better.
The hard part is we had the same interest in antiques, collecting, and garage sales.  We did a lot together.  He took interest in my projects and was just there for me.  We went on our family reunion camping trips every year since 1985, never missing a year.  There were the family get togethers in Las Vegas, or Reno Nevada, the Miles and States between us never kept us apart.  
I am thankful for what we had and the memories, brother Mike you will be missed!

Thank you for your prayers and kind words,


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy and Safe Halloween to All !!

I just love this picture from a greeting card I purchased.   Too cute!  Just wanted to share.
Enjoy your family and don't eat too much Candy. :)

I changed my fall sign for a Halloween one. (If you saw my last post) My easy scrap wood Pumpkin will be for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving!  
I have not planned Thanksgiving but Pumpkin Decor can go a long way, and I love Pumpkins, especially the Name "pumpkin", so cute, not to mention eating all those pumpkin recipes!  Yum!

Now, are these Ghost Fairies too cute?  I took this picture last year from someone!s yard, can't 
take any credit or give a source, sorry don't hurt me anyone!!!!!!!  
If your out there let me know!

They sure look like plastic drop cloth for painting was used?
So they are Shabby precious to me!

Until next time,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Decor & DIY

     Hello, I hope your Summer was as full and wonderful as mine!  Very busy with Family
and house guest.  It had been 3 years since my daughters and 5 grand kids have been all together!
Mom's summer visit, 3 brothers and my new step-daughter.  She found her Dad after 50 years!
Plus we had friends too!  As one left, others arrived on the same day!  I was  quickly changing sheets, cleaning And buying goodies to eat!  Many joke and say "we are a Bed and Breakfast without charging."  We love all and would not have it any other way!
Sometimes Blogging needs to be on the back burner!  I am way behind in posting my projects, but since it is Fall, I will start with my Fall décor for outside and inside our Home!

Scrap wood Pumpkin
I actually used old fencing, which is one of my favs for old weathered wood.  I am always on the look out for these.  Easy to do, I have seen similar pumpkins on Pinterest
And love them!


Now to show you the back of the pumpkin, so you can see it is Easy!

outside porch fall decor!

If you have visited before you know I always use Cat Tails in my displays, love them and this time they were left natural instead of my usual painting them.

Simple wreath I had done before, just changed the ribbon, which has
Sunflowers on it. (Found at Dollar Tree)

                                      Here is a Halloween DIY Tip!

YES it works, I just sprayed my white bulbs with the paint, of course cover the base.  Hard to show you in a picture, but it really works.  I tried this paint on regular bulbs, and with black paint but this did not work.  Most important, don't use any other bulb but above, the regular bulb gets HOT HOT!  Only use the above bulbs!  This is my second year using my painted orange ones!  Who knows what colors you might try?

Come on inside for some more Fall Decor!

Hubby and I just hanging around!  
I wasn't sure what to do with these, and you know how an idea just pops in your mind, well off I went in the sewing room to whip up a skirt and bow tie, giggling to myself, well I thought it was funny?

Do you know what this black object is?  Tell you in a bit, hint, it is vintage, and was very useful!

My husband brought the little pumpkins home from the grocery store for me, so I needed to do something with them.  I had my dried sunflower heads, which I was saving for the seeds.
I really liked the combination of vintage, primitive and new mixed.

Did you noticed the Crow flew down from the chair to the Vintage Newspaper Roller?  Yes, it rolls 
Paper into logs for the fireplace!  Anyone guess it correctly?  
I dry brushed the wood handles only, the rest is black metal and cast iron legs.  I have had it 4 years, and finally did something with it.

Wishing all of you a great fall!  
It is a wonderful time of year, not to hot, 
not to cold, and full of color!




Friday, August 16, 2013

Best Ever Thrift Store find!!!!

Hello, and I hope everyone has enjoyed this summer as I have!  Extremely busy, but a good busy!

Just have to show you that there are true treasures at the Thrift Store!  Treasures are there, even junk items are treasures to me!!  Besides the hunt and surprise that sometimes you find JUST what you were wanting!

                         Beautiful Floor Mirror
What do you think!  Score?  And hard to believe the price was $68.00 yes but
Half off that day!  I know, no way, yes way! 
 I only had to dust, clean and shine the mirror! 

Love the detail, beveled mirror and just everything!  I am one lucky person to have this beautiful floor mirror, I tried so many rooms but the Master bedroom was the place.  I knew it would work somewhere in our house!  I had been admiring them on Pinterest, even the DIy one!s, can't believe I have one!

Wishing you happy hunting for your treasure!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Blue Dresser Redo

Hello, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  It is much too hot to paint now, but I have completed enough redo's before the garage reached 100 degrees!  
I am way behind on posting, i do think of sharing but can't seem to find the time.  Just don't know how all you great bloggers do it?

This dresser was clean and the drawers were dovetail and so much storage.  I felt this one would be 
perfect for a baby changer dresser.  I rarely do blue, but I had the white porcelain knobs with a blue circle on them, so that was my inspiration!  

Love the drawer dividers and I did paint the sides of drawers too!

What do you think about these knobs?

Vintage legs, love good legs!

Now I have a posting done, more to do soon, thanks for stopping by,

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July and Pussy Willow/Cat Tail DIY

I hope all of you are staying cool, So hot here, record heat temperatures!

I want to wish everyone a great 4th of July!  mine will be a quiet one, which is fine, June was wonderful, family visiting plus a camping reunion in which I might add I caught the most fish!  :)

My 4th DIY is again from my love of the cat tails that I collect every fall.  I have been sharing my obsession, using them for all holiday, and putting them in floral arrangements.  If you check out Pussy Willow/Cat tails under my Labels, you will see more plus a tutorial on painting them.  I Just so admire them, and they are very plentiful here.  Who knows what I will do next?  

4th of July Front Porch Decor

Just spray painted.

I used my patriotic Roo last year, love him!

Now I leave you with a favorite photo from a Norman Rockwell cookbook I found at a thrift store, loaded with wonderful photo's, not to mention recipes. 
Be safe for the 4th,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dresser Redo "Lilac Lady"

Thanks for stopping by, I really enjoy redoing furniture
and wanted to share,  just might give you some inspiration.

This Dresser was in great shape, just needed a feminine touch
to give it a new home.
Here she is:

 "Lilac Lady"

Love the hardware, it is a joy to find a piece with great hardware!

Showing the great wood carving and applique, well trying too! :)

The Pine Dresser had never been painted, until I got
my hands on her, I hope she likes her new appearance!
Take care,

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