Saturday, June 20, 2015

I will be back Soon!

I so miss blogging and posting, I do have redo furniture to post, and many blogs to visit.  Family illness, and my own viral vertigo has consumed my ordinary pleasures.  I hope all are enjoying their summer!  Take care,


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Curb side painting to Collage

Dream, Dream, Dream Collage 


This Painting was curb side waiting for trash
pickup, I was on a bike ride in the neighborhood
and saw this painting, taking a double take.
Hey, nice colors, canvas is good, TAKE IT!
There will be a day and a plan, right?

So, I carried it, riding my bike 8 blocks back home, trying not
to bang it against my bike, and keeping my balance.
It did take over a year to do something with it
BUT I did!


I just stenciled, and decoupage some of my favorite things. 
Then painted the edges black, no need for a frame!
The colors in the painting were perfect for the redo
of our quest room.  It wasn't that bad of a painting but since it was going to the refuse, I knew to save it for a new life.

It is hard to see but the music sheets are
titled Romance and Lullaby.

Decoupage Nevada and a Doily snowflake. 

Do you have a painting on canvas
that you could save or redo? 

Take care,

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Decor and DIY for 2014

                        CHRISTMAS TIME AT OUR HOME

I feel like the Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland
I'm Late I'm Late for Christmas Eve!

Each day so much to do!  Tis the season to be BUSY!

Sheba just had to get in the picture with my Santa
theme Decorated Tree

The topper used to be on Wine, just love it for my Tree

Vintage Bulbs dear to my heart, found these with my late
Brother Antiquing.

Anyone remember this cookie jar?  I have had it since early


Wooden and Paper Mache oldie   

Round vintage tablecloth on square table,
also vintage table runner hung for a curtain.
Enjoy seeing these out and using.

A Vera find.

DIY Christmas Card Place mats.  More on them HERE 


DIY Cookie cutter Feather Tree

My favorite Chalk Board Rooster even has a Christmas cap! 

Vintage from the 70's

Mantel Scene with Santa decoupage on fence boards, peppermint candy hot glued to candles and leopard fabric strips glued on Christmas bulbs.

Santa twinkles with lights that change colors 
Easy tree made of gift boxes.

I'm off and running, thanks for stopping by!

Thou it's been said many times
and many ways
Merry Christmas
To You!

Link to these Parties

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Card Placemat DIY

 Thank you Grandma Clara for this DIY!

Do you save your Christmas Greeting Cards?  I am one Crazy lady that has saved every Christmas Card since 1970!

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful Crafty Grandma who I dearly loved.  She show me how to make these placemats.
After I married, I started keeping them and still do.  She passed shortly after and never got to see how I loved this craft.  Think of you often Grandma!

I first made mine when my girls were young, Below is one of my very first ones.
They do last for years, and can be wiped off with soap and water.

The modern word has easy electronic ways to send greetings.   I may be sentimental , but I look forward to receiving these great cards.  Sometimes, it is only once a year to hear from a distant
but dear friend.  Fewer Cards come each year, hopefully it never ends.

Now, I know they still sell Christmas Greeting Cards, so there must be others who enjoy sending and receiving them.  I just can!t throw them out!  I do display mine each year.  It!s one time of the year, I enjoy checking my mailbox.  

Over the years, having two daughters, gave me pleasure in making them for each family.  When the grandchildren were old enough,  we made them together. I was thinking someone may just carry this tradition on?   One time I had soooo many Cards that I even made a big stash of placemats and gave them to a Senior Center.  I should do that again!  

Now the last time I made them with the Grandkids I let them pick out their cards to make a placemat for each of their family members.  So cute to see their choices, I do not have a picture of them, darn!
But when cutting off the backs of each card for them, I noticed all the great personal notes written by loved ones.  Also, over the years, how many love ones that had passed, memories!  How could I throw them away!  So, the idea of using the back greeting piece with wonderful personal notes and drawings, for the back side of the placemat started.

I have been wanting to share my new updated version of Grandma's
wonderful Greeting Card Placemats, some may remember these from years pasted?  

So, if you don't save your greeting cards, maybe you would like to

You will need:
greeting Cards
Glue stick
poster boards
Clear Contact Paper

Happy Holidays to All,