Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall and Pumpkin 2014 Decor


Pumpkins, Pinecones, Sunflowers, and Cat Tails my favorite for Fall!

Fall is in the air, leaves are changing and decorating for fall
is fun.  You can still use most everything for Halloween and Thanksgiving,  just add Spooky for Halloween and then Turkey items for Thanksgiving.  That's 3 Décor Decorating times until Xmas, no other time can you leave you hard work out that long to enjoy!

 I have a new Tablescape with a Tutorial,  a new Fall Mantel
Décor, with an easy Banner.  Front Porch Fall Décor, and just some Fall Décor.  

I love Pumpkins, to look at and EAT!  I wanted Just Pumpkins for my Tablescape but nothing to put them on?  I also did not have just the right candle holders, but no problem after a few days this is what I came up with.

Pine Cones from local trees in a Mason Jar!
Just painted the lids, perfect size to hold the candles.

I had these fence boards from another project, but they are very inexpensive.  I just cut them to the size I wanted, then cut two for the bottom.  I did not want the legs to show, so I cut them shorter.
these serve two purposes, holds the three top boards together and I wanted to easily lift the whole wooden tray for room when eating in large groups.

I get in a hurry when doing some projects, didn't want to get the drill out and drill bits, so easy peasy, just nail a hole to easily get your screw in, they go in sooo much easier

I had these stain for the other project I did not do,
so glad I saved them.  Now they are ready to White Wash.

I just used some diluted white paint on a
dry brush, just play with it until you like the
distressed look.

I loved arranging my stash of pumpkins, this worked for me.

I did this hutch a few years ago and enjoy changing it up for all occasions.  All the pumpkin items were bought at, yes
Thrift stores and Garage sales!

Cutest pumpkin sugar and creamer!

OK, I need your help, anyone know anything about these Pumpkin side dishes I bought in early 1980's.  There is an "S" on the bottom but no luck for me finding the maker.

These dishes are gold, not a good picture here.

Now for the Fall Mantel Décor

This is my first home of many NOT have a Mantel,
Oh, I have had fireplaces, but no Mantel.  So I take great pleasure in finally Decorating it.

I had this webbing, over a year now, knowing I would do something with it someday!  You know when your out and about and see something you like, get it!  That my motto!

This is all I did, and I have plenty left Too!

Before we go outside, this is my hanging wreath as
you exit.  I put this outside last year on the house, but without the Sunflowers.  Every changing things, sound

My porch décor is similar to last year, but a new wreath to match my fall vase décor.  I made the scrap wood pumpkin last year.

If you know me, I use Cat tails for everything,
they grew in abundance here, they fascinate me.

Well there you have it, I hope your Fall is Fabulous!
Take Care,


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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pink Desk with Gold Bling!



Not in too bad of shape, a few spots for wood fill, sand, and
drawer bottom repair.  The knobs were bronze, and I had a feel for gold for some bling!  After all she needed some glamor!

Distressed and waxed she is ready for a new life, I wonder who used her before, and how many sat with her?

Another desk with a file drawer!  This could be a vanity, side table, or sewing table.
 What do you think?

Take Care,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Purple Pleaser Redo


                    Purple Desk, Purple Hardware!

Purple with a girl or student in mind.
This desk is vintage with dovetail
drawers, and for the age is very clean inside.
It appeared to me a lady had this and took great care,
so a fresh new change was needed.


Even back then (in the olden days) as my grandkids say, there was a file drawer.

I really like the footing on this one, nice curves!

Yes, even the back is pretty, love to maintain some
great wood, when I can!
Back to  more redo, I have another desk coming
in PINK!
take care,


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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Patchwork Quilt for the Guest Room!

    Patchwork Joy Quilt
Plus a Scrap idea!

This quilt was done in 12 1/2 inch blocks
I wanted an easy and colorful quilt.
size is 60x72

I used fabric from my stash, some vintage, some modern.
I also took a visit to JoAnn's for more fabric!
I brought in what I wanted to work with for colors, just
let them know "in coming fabric".
I have tried using a photo of fabric but on hands is the best!

One more advise, when you think you have the final selection
at home, take a few days, I stacked mine countless ways, looking at the colors and patterns.  Even after cutting out all my squares and laying them on the bed, I pulled some out and arranged again.  When you have it, take a photo for sewing
placement.  Have you ever messed up you blocks?
Oh Yeah!


I machine top stitched several directions. 

I love vintage chenille, and this one is yellow and in great shape, so yellow colors were one choice. 
I did mention, I wanted the room to be bright and cheerful.

On my binding for the 1st time, I cut 2 1/2 inches
instead of 2 1/4.  Love it!  Notice the toilet paper roll,
good for keeping your binding, I always do my binding
before top stitching the quilt.  Getting to that ready made
binding is a good feeling, almost done!



Now for the scrapy idea!
Our Guest room has it's own Bathroom!
Yes, lucky guest! 
I looked and looked for towels, and was lucky enough to find some yellow and chenille looking ones.  Now towel shopping is not easy and a whole new story to tell!  To find quality towels and
ones that absorb water off your body is a true challenge, not to mention a good size and oh yes, ones that don't get snagged with threads coming from every direction!
I used my scraps and sewed them on the towels!

Now I am on the hunt for bathroom rugs!
Take care and thanks for the visit!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Shabby redo of mid-century Desk

blue for this Mid-Century Desk
Mid-Century was right on this one!
It was really in bad condition, had an unknown rough life, but with a little work and paint
is renewed and ready for a new century!
The legs were strong and still wanted to stand tall.
I love the indention for the drawers, smooth lines!

I told you it was in bad shape, but that is the challenge!
We won't even get into the drawer repair!
All are opening like spreading soft butter on toast.

Never give up on a piece, it came out better
than I thought.

This is a better true picture of the Blue, photographer
needed! :}

Due to the condition and the paint I used.  I choose to distress it lightly.
Chalk paint would have been good for this one!

Yes, I even did the back!  I love to save the original wood
if possible, just used poly stain.  I wanted to stain the drawer
fronts, but no way, paint needed there!

Thanks for looking and the visit!
Take care,


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