Monday, December 24, 2012

Is That MY Cat in the Xmas Tree!!!

Well, what was I thinking doing a Bird and Nature
Christmas Tree with a Bengal Cat?  She was a baby kitten
last year when I got her for Christmas and she only played
with the lower ornaments!  This is a 71/2 foot tree and she is almost to the top!  After two weeks, not much was left on the tree and since it was artifical all the branches were sagging and out of there brackets.  So out we went to buy a table top tree
and I decorated it with only lights and bulbs, and all is well.
I might add she does sit and look at the new tree and
meows and meows for her old climbing bird decorated tree!

Merry Christmas to all!


Dresser Set done in Barn Red

Barn Red, love love the color! could see the dresser as an
entry table, cadenza, or buffet! 

Again, I brought two unmatched pieces together for a set, or not?
Furniture pieces now can be used in so many rooms!
It is up to your imagination!  And a Pop of Color is Grand for
home decor!
All these drawers and those great knobs, had to redo these!

I am posting this on Christmas Eve morning, As all are sleeping! I had wanted to share some of my Christmas Decor, but can't believe how busy I have been, both good and bad, from family illness to the delight of having family members visiting for  Christmas.  I wish all of you a  Very Merry Christmas, and the Best for 2013!


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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Front Door Decor, Thanks to Pinterest!


Yes, I have seen several wreath snowman
and the rustic wood trees on Pinterest!
I finally did mine!

The lantern has small pine cones and a
candle inside.

I love my scrap wood tree!
  Easy to do and little time

Just connect 3 wreaths
together.  I sprayed them with a
 can of snow, dressed him in
my scarf and hat and he is there to
welcome all!

My dried arrangement has pine cones
and white sprayed branches and of course
red cardinals

Take care and be safe!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Provincial Perfect Pink, Girls Dresser Redo!

They were not matching before, but now a Duet for a Sweet 

I have done these colors before on the Provincial pieces, It's perfect provincial pink to me!
I did mention they were not a set,  It looks like boy meets girl!  But after the sanding, painting
 filling in the knob holes on the night stand, then drilling new holes, and adding matching knobs, well, i like pair!

I might add it was not easy getting the wax and nail polish off this before redo!
the drawer missing was total red nail polish!  Nail polish remover, was the tick for me, and scraping a lot! Now, all is well, and it is ready for a sweet girl!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Greeting


i Hope everyone has the best Thanksgiving.  Enjoy
Family and  Friends!

I love the above Vintage image, and it is from my collection,
I do not have any information on this great postcard, or a source
to give credit.  This is a busy time for all, and as I return from
my daughter's for Thanksgiving I will try to stay off Pinterest
long enough to get all my awaiting posting on the blog!
Best, Marilyn


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Skeletons in my Hutch!


Dollar store spider watching over the guest!
I know, it is not a Halloween or fall saying, but I like this one!
and Love my chalkboard!


This Bouquet is from our beautiful fall nature!
A cute story about how I got them.  My husband went for a walk
and I asked him to pick up some fall leaves from the ground for me.
You see I had a leaf craft, I wanted to do!

When he came home he had an arm full of branches
with beautiful fall leaves!!!!

I didn't ask any questions,  just smiled and told
him that was more than I expected

I know this is my 3rd Fall and or Halloween
Post, love this time of Year!

Enjoy your Fall and Be Safe on Halloween!
Keep Warm, we have had our first snow storm!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Indian Corn Fall Decor DIY


                                I love Indian Corn !!!!

I use to have a friend grow them for me!
This year I did purchase them.  You can find them in the
fall at most grocery stores in the produce department!
I just tied knots in twine and left loops to carry the corn!

We have a stucco home, so I did not want to make a hole,
especially with the hub wondering how I would put
them outdoors!
So, I did find a place to hang them from the light
fixture.  If their is a will there is a WAY!

Take care and enjoy your Fall!
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Shabby Redo Dresser to TV Table keeper

My husband said," keep this one," he saw a vision!
He saw something I didn't for us  Yes, I found the piece
and knew the slight curved front, unusual knobs, and legs well
 would make a good redo!
I was wanting a longer and just the right one for our TV
BUT he was so sure on this one, so now we are happily enjoying it!

This is an excellant easy stripper!
You might not be able to tell by the picture,
but the legs were painted thick gold!
I wanted the natural wood to stain.

I searched for a while for just the right knobs to add.  The small curved square ones!
I spray painted all knobs black and poly coated them.
Now what shall I put in all those drawers, YES! :)

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Halloween is for the Birds! Pumpkin!

I Love Pumpkins and I Love Birds
Why not!

The Backyard needs pumpkins too!

Pumpkin Bird House
(Hey there are seeds in there, when will they dry up for eating!)

I love to float a few flowers in the bird bath and tea lights too!

Just a few FALL ideas for you!

Front Door Decor with Black Birds.
I have showned this on previous fall post!
Thanks for looking!

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More Pussy Willow Decor Or is it Cat Tail Tutorial

Hello, I hope all is fine, I have been busy working on a Rental we have.  One month of repairs, cleaning, and painting!
  Being a Landlord is good
when the rent comes in, but Hell when most move!
This could be a post all in itself, but not fun to share!
Now, on to the Pussy Willow, or Cat Tails which most
call them!  I am use to calling them, and like, Pussy Willow!
 So I will be plantically
Wonderful to use in spring and summer flower arrangements.
Free, if they are near you?
They do last a long time.
In the Spring they pop up everywhere around my area.
Our bike trails go all around them.
I did a post last fall  but wanted to share a tip
I learned since then.  After paint spraying them, they still
will dry out and most will crack open to seed
like the picture below!
This Year's Pussy Willow Fall Decor is yes, with pussy willow's
again, but different and added the birds!

OK these are cat tails, but Sheba was trying to play and tear off the tips!
Most difficult, since she won't leave me alone to do my project!
And the garage was Too Hot!

I used this product to coat them before painting!
it does dry with some crackle look, fine with me!

I also did some with diluted Elmer's glue, which is less expensive
and a smooth finish!  Personal preference!

Just sprayed some with orange and black spray paint, I am
saving some for a Xmas Idea.  I will post that closer to Xmas!
Love those Pussy Willows

If you have cats, you know how hard it is to get a picture
without them!

This is where I get mine!  We have wildlife Marsh's and Cat Tail
Fields.  I am fascinated by these plants!  Nature is there
for us in abundance!

Wishing you a Great Fall !

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