Friday, February 25, 2011

Reno's 2nd hip surgery is done!

I'm am so relieved Reno's second hip surgery is done and he is recovering well.  This young boy seems to be happy even with the recovery pain.  He is eating better now and his eyes are bright.  He will have a bone biopsy to make sure there is no bone disease?  I am feeling positive that he will be ok!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cat with two broken hips!!

"RENO"  Our Cat
Left broken hip laying down to eat!

Finally out of jail!  He hated the dog crate confinement after surgery

Reno's neighbor friends visiting!  They must be thinking
"what the Hell happened to you"

How can this be possible two hips breaking with no known accident????
 I am writing this for two reasons, to share and possibly help someone else, please contact me if I can help you in anyway?  Reno has been with me throughout my Shabby Redo projects and all my quilting.  As cat lovers you know, the wonderful companions they are,  he has been in so much pain, I can't wait for him to jump and get into everything again, even my paint!

It all started with his left hip breaking. the surgical  procedure is FHO,  they remove the ball of the hip and muscle is the only thing connecting their leg to their hip.  The hip breaks at the femur which attaches to the ball of their hip.  Cats femur is too small to have a pin put in so the FHO surgery is very successful on cats. Let me back up some, our healthy 12lb cat last September broke his left hip as the picture shows, no known reason to us?  He made it through the long healing stages of surgery.  Used his left leg normally and we thought  we were a happy family again, except for the high cost of his surgery, hold your seat, by the time he was through $3,000.00 dollars!  He recovered and was doing fine, well so we thought!  January his right hip broke, same location, needs the same operation AGAIN!!!  Now this time I researched, talk to Vets and Specialist, they reassured us he would do fine after another surgery.  I know you can image the stress, emotion, and yes the expense involved.  We had him admitted for surgery, but due to a long story of 4 days of him vomiting and diarrhea, two hospital stays, many tears, and sleepless nights his surgery was cancelled. Today he is able to eat on his own but down to 9lb 4oz from this new illness and previous surgery.  Trust me this cat has had plenty of blood test and we were assured he will be fine!  They will do a bone biopsy on the next surgery, this might give us an answer to his hips breaking?  He is re-scheduled for the second surgery and we are praying he will be the happy, lovable, fun mischievous cat as before!  He has been through a lot and we have learned a lot along the way, so if I can be of help, let me know.  It has been a journey that I do not wish on any cat or owner!  I am anxious to get back working on my furniture and the blog.  Thank you, and I will post on his recovery after his surgery:)
Reno in happier days!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flea Market Style Magazine

Flea Market Style   click to see

  Can't wait to get my hands on the new issue, if you have not seen it yet, it is a must for Shabby Decor!!!