Monday, August 29, 2011

Away on Vacation, Be Home Soon!!!

On Vacation and having Fun!!! 
I will still be able to check my emails!!
Will return for more DIY's, Sewing projects, and plenty of REDO Furniture as soon as all the Camping Clothes are Washed!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hot August Nights

Hot August Nights in Reno 2011 was August 9 through August 14. The 25th anniversary of Reno's biggest event of the year is a celebration of everything to do with classic cars, vintage rock 'n roll, and the American era of the 50s and 60s when cruising, sock hops, and high school proms were all the rage. Hot August Nights is a party that takes over the town during its run. Classic cars fill the streets, rock 'n roll fills the air, and entertainment galore makes Hot August Nights the premier fun festival in Reno

I thought I would share some of the classic cars at the event!  We had Company visiting so what would be better than this?  Of course, maybe Gambling in the Casino's!

That's my handsome husband

And that's me!

I have so many more pictures, but just want to share a
few with you on this summer event in Reno, Nevada
The classic cars are so Shabby Sweet, would love to have one!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

UPside Down In Love!!!

                                                              I really did fall for this piece!
                                    This Girl put a smile on my face!


She needed a little reinforcing and some hardware
but I could not wait to paint her my plan of pink and distressed!!


                                  she rolled out of my life to be a 
                                  baby dresser with a changer  
                                  on top!     
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Moron Spammers ---- Don't reply if in Doubt!

Don't Reply if in Doubt!  Delete Delete!

Have you ever wondered why there are spammer's  For the life of me, I don't get it?  It must be they are some really unhappy people trying to make others unhappy?  Personally, I really don't have time for the like, just enough time to express my thoughts!  I have noticed, especially on Craigslist, which I list some of my Shabby Redo, they really like to attack!  I don't get as many on my emails, or Blog comments, well Not yet, we will see after this??  But even received one on Pinterest, which I have not even finish setting up yet!  I shy away from facebook and twitter so far, but thank goodness I have a good Anti Virus Program. 
 Don't reply if in Doubt, Delete Delete!  But do check where the Spam goes on your email account, good emails have found their way there!
Back to the Spammer Morons  who can't spell, or make any sense, their emails stand out, I know they have a brain due to the fact they are using the computer.  If they put the time and energy in another direction, I am sure they would feel better about themselves.  Well maybe not, since they don't have a heart!  They are as tasteless as the food Spam! 
I feel for so many on Craigslist, they say please don't send me any emails----spam---just call me!
Pretty sad!

Have a spamless day!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sew Time! Chalk Board

I found this from a thrift store !

When I bought it, it did not have chalk board paint on the bottom, it had disappeared??  That must be why it was not wanted??  I wanted it!!
 I wanted to try doing a chalk board so this piece looked perfect.  See what you think?


I found by putting 4 coats of chalk board paint and waiting the 3 days before using, did work!
and adding a magnetic top finished it for me!
Beware:  After using this paint, you start looking everywhere to USE IT!

                                Now I must list my sewing
                                    projects and get going!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunburst Paint Stick Clock DIY

How many times did I want to know the time when working on my Redo Furniture, always with messy gloves full of paint trying to use the cell, not to mention going in the house with paint tracks from my feet or gloves to check on the time. SOLUTION a clock in the GARAGE!!!
Now I have seen sunburst mirrors in magazines and from DIY bloggers, why not a sunburst clock from all my messy paint sticks??

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
More pictures below, cuz it makes me smile and so handy now!!! 
OK, Now Guppy lumpy paint sticks from my Redo's
plus 1 paint lid some hot glue and of course from Michael's
a clock part!

It was hard to wait for the glue to dry, so anxious to put the batteries
in,  hurry, hurry hot glue!

The clock is hanging on the only bare wall in the over stuffed garage from my Shabby Stuff, Husband Stuff and More of my Stuff..... The only clear spot is where he parks, that's what keeps the peace! 
So the paint job you see on this wall was done quickly, I had to do something to cover the sheet rock and tapping on the wall for some photo's.  Unfortunately I am unable to get big pieces of furniture into the house for photo's!
I am just lucky enough to get them into the garage and the doors down before everyone can see the mess!

Thanks for looking!  Time to Go!

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