Sunday, June 26, 2011

Make a Vintage Clothespin Bag

This is a Shabby Sew Cute way to use those adorable little girl dresses you can't part with!  Why not look at your favorite one every day!  You know we are in the laundry room everyday and that room is quite the rage to decorate.  Or if you hang clothes outside for sun drying!

Here is what I did from the inspiration picture below

Vintage clothes pin bag, even has the original line holder and slide. 

I went crazy and made  them for family and friends!

All you need to do is have a dress with an opening for your hand to go into, sew up the bottom of the dress or outfit and attach to a hanger by hand stitching.  Easy and great use of your precious daughter's or granddaughter's outfit.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Lid with No Pot! DIY

Got your interest?

Just a quick simple DIY on a tea pot lid I saved!  This teapot was one of my favorites and unfortunately broke in pieces, it was a miracle that the lid did not break!  I held on to it for a while, then thought, paper weight!  I took some cement from a job that was being done on a step for a house, will I didn't take the cement, but needed a small amount, it was offered to me when the job was done, perfect!  This is an easy and adorable way to save a lid that is precious to you!  Just wanted to share! 

China Hutch Black and chippy with Vaseline!

This picture looks like there is Vaseline on the lens, sorry!

I wanted to do this hutch in black and try the Vaseline, which I had heard so much about, well this is my story:  I  broke out the glass and painted the wire black, then applied Vaseline, messy finger job, but I did it, and applied where I wanted the chippy look!  The problem I had was when I rolled the paint on, some Vaseline mixed in the paint, and then there was the issue I was so impatient for the paint to dry enough to wipe away my spots where I applied the Vaseline!  All in all, it came out very nice, but I still distressed besides.  I do need more practice and reading up on this new chippy technique!  The best part is I am keeping this hutch for my dining room, too many friends and family said KEEP IT!  Now, to get this piece in the house!
Can't wait to set it up with my treasures!  When my dining room is complete I will post pictures, you know how just adding one piece of furniture to a room changes everything, and gets you creating different ideas!

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Carolans Coffee DIY Jug Idea!!!

                                                           What a way to wake up!

All I Did
 was spray paint the Jug, I was tired of throwing them away,
yes in this household we do go through them!!!!!
I get them at Cosco, where every thing is BIG!

You can see from the picture below I hot glued twine, I know raffia is in the picture
but I changed my mind.  Those tall decor sticks or twigs are from the DOLLAR
store, could not believe it!!!!  :}

Close up of the Twine

I know I need something on the wall in this
guest room!
My plan is to have another night stand also....

Just put it here so you can see another picture of my Crafty JUG!
Not a bad place though??
I can see one of these in aqua or distressed in white, flowers would look good
inside the jug or just add to your jug collection?

Would love to hear if you do one!
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