Monday, January 30, 2012

Truly Turquoise Dresser Redo

                                 Dixie Redo

                                                    And now for the BEFORE
some drawer repairs, where are the clamps?
this heavy dolly will work!

replaced the wooden drawer guide
I much rather have wood than those metal
ones to repair!
Now all the dovetail drawers work
just fine.
                                                                 more after

Now she is ready for a Dresser,
Buffet, or Side Table!

If my Pieces have a name on the back or in the drawer
I do check on their history.
This is a Dixie!  Made by Dixie Furniture Company
around 1960 in South Carolina!

And they are still in Business!

Until next time :D

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boots "Not Made for Walking" DIY

Shabby Boots!
 Do you have some boots around to Shabby?   They can be for a kids room display, bookcase, vase, or just for that Western Look!  I did not take the before picture, forgot, but you know what an old boot looks like!

I used various items from the sewing room
Yo Yo's ( I have so many and  have not finished that sewing project!)
 broken belt buckle, bib overall buckle, ribbon, cord, etc.
You name it, I have it!

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Plum Square Desk Redo

                             I'm Not to Square!!!

Purple and plum square

I knew I wanted this the square knobs sold me!

Good shape, a little patching and sanding
is all!
I did some research on this piece, it is from 1960's
solid Mountain Ash Furniture piece with
dovetail drawers and metallic drawer
pulls, the style then!
The Mountain Ash (eucalyptus regnans tree)
Interesting, can you imagine the life and places this
piece has had?


When spray painting knobs, I use skewers for cooking, the husband is always wondering where they are for BBQ's
and floral Styrofoam to easily paint knobs, any Styrofoam would do like the packaging ones that I think I should save and throw away!

                             Now for more After of the Redo!

I hope someone will be PLUM HAPPY!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Claw foot Oak Table Redo

                                                    A Craigslist HIDE AND SEEK!
^+_ beFOre  **##

Oh, but I saw those feet!
Beautiful claw feet over a ball
Sanded well

Stained the top with Walnut,
distressed the base white
and now this heavy vintage
oak table is ready to stand

I will be posting this in my Available Redo items,
thanks for looking!


Shutter DIY "Window Of My Soul"


I have added more pictures, AS YOU CAN SEE :)

"window of my soul"

So many of us love the old shutters, and there are a  lot of wonderful ideas in the blogging world.  I wanted to do something a little different and I also wanted to add photo's of family members to my sewing and computer room.  After great thought, this came up!
I will share the items to make this photo or bulletin board, it might just inspire you to do something similar?


Vintage Shutters
Core board
2 canvas for painting
wall decals

By turning over the canvas (I purchased at Super Walmart) it looked
like a window frame to me?
So, I stained the wood trim
and cut the core board to fit inside. First I
covered the core board with a dark blue material with white stars
 (from my quilt stash)
and taped to
the back.  Added Elmer's Glue and put inside the canvas back.

The wall decals were from the Dollar Store
and worked out well, they really stay on to my amazement,  I was sure they would
fall off!   Can you imagine for a $1.00!

I did rough up the shutters a bit with a hammer and distressed lightly with
vintage green and some of the stain.
There is a lot of possibility to this DIY, at first I wanted the inside window to
give the impression it had 4 window panes, 4 separate canvas, but as I did the project this is how it
worked out due to the height of my shutters.
Finished dimensions are 36 1/2 inches Wide  and 36 inches Tall

Now, when I am in my Sewing room, everyone is close by!

This truly is the
"Window of my Soul"
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Look What Was Under My Christmas Tree!!

Yes!  Isn't she Beautiful !!

"Sheba" is our new addition to the family!
 I always wanted a Bengal cat and after visiting the Breeder, we chose this beautiful 5 Month old girl !  This was a great Christmas Gift! Thank you Husband!  We brought her home December 19th,  and our home is once again filled with kitty love!

If you read my posts about our Lost Kitty "Reno" you know the sadness that was in our hearts.  Many have asked and some still wonder, I am sad to say he has not been found.  I will never give up on him, we are in hopes he comes home to find a sister!   Many Bloggers and Neighbors and even from Craigslist reached out to me and all your words were comforting, I do thank all of you.

As sad as it was, the preoccupation of our new kitty is just what the doctor ordered!   This time Sheba will be an inside cat only.   We were lucky to find a Breeder in our area and one we were happy with too!  So life is good, back to cleaning a cat box,  cat toys all over the house, and a soft furry pet with unconditional LOVE!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crackle Coat Dresser Attempt!

craigslist  BEFORE

Would you past this up?
Well, I did not!
I did this in early 2011, wanting to try doing a crackle coat
for the first time, on the drawer fronts, and wanting to use regular Elmer's glue instead of the Crackle kit you buy!  Well, it was too long ago to go into all the details, but I believe flat paint under the
glue would have worked better?  And I remember staring at the glue waiting for the crackle to happen, and happen!  It didn't come out like they said it would!  Of course, I do attempt some new ideas with only some knowledge and go for it, so this is how it turned out!
It was one of those Furniture Redo's that you start and not sure where it will take you.  I liked this piece due to there is no drawer pulls!  Just an indention for your hands on the drawers.  First one I've seen and thought it would be good for a T.V. table, side table, or dresser.

drawer pull close up!

The top is all white, I did not get a picture!
My creation did go to a happy customer, always makes you feel good!  I later did buy a Crackle finish kit, but have not used it yet?  Now that I have all the directions too!!

More Before and After to Come!  I hope you enjoy my redo's and they can inspire you to redo a piece of furniture!

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