Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine Banner DIY Easy To Do!

This Banner was soooo easy
and I was lucky enough to have all
the supplies!  I will share supplies and
directions, you just may want to do them?

I had been wanting to do a banner for my
chippy black hutch (that I painted in an earlier post)
and when visiting

cynthia @
her Valentine banner inspired me to get my
mind and supplies going!
                                                    So this is WHAT I DID!                  

Poster board, freezer paper, quilt stash
fabric :), yarn string, mod podge, glue stick,
and a hole punch!

I used a heart liner from a candy box
for my pattern!  Draw on dull side of freezer paper, yes this
paper is a necessary tool for quilting, the shiny
side will iron on fabric and then you can cut your pattern
out, and it removes easily.  Fold your fabric
so you cut 1 time and get 4 to 6 with one cut!
check below!

This saves a lot of time and no blisters!

OK, you have your fabric hearts,
now trace on poster board from
heart template, again to save hand
and time, I folded paper and dabbed
glue stick between paper layers on the corners
so now you can cut 1 time and get many!

After you mod podge fabric to poster board heart
just let them dry.  punch two holes
In each heart and string them up  and your Valentine
Banner is done!

Is this the sweetest thrift
store find?  Tea cup on her head
and tea cup print on her dress!
Cloth body and head, porcelain
arms.  I found her 6 years ago!

May your HEARTS be full!

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