Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vintage Rocking Chair Redo

                       Vintage Rocker Redo with Shabby Seat

When I purchased this great vintage rocker I
swear there were no holes or torn areas, SO now I had a
bigger project.  The caning had to be cut away from the
seat.  I sanded the chair , Painted white, heavily distressing, by wiping off paint before drying and some sanding too!

Now, what was I going to put on for a SEAT?

In looking in the garage there was a large sheet of
lumber with the black manufactured or lumber
printing?  I though it was rustic and perfect, so I made a
pattern, cut out a piece, stained the seat with a tinted
green stain, of course smoothing the edges and applying poly.
Wood glued under top edges of seat and screwed on from underneath  where there were holes from the caning.
No screw heads showing, loved that!

I must admit that there is a little creaking sound as you rock
due to the wood seat, but I love the sound!
Perfect for the porch!
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