Monday, January 28, 2013

Applique Heart Mittens for Your Valentine!

 Mittens and an appliqued fleece
heart.  To warm the hands and heart for
a Valentine!

I used this candy box to stretch the mitten
for easy stitching!

That's it!  So Easy! I rather hurried to stitch it on, and did not want to redo it!
You can make yours better!  I used thread instead of embroidery thread
if was easier for me with the fleece.  I was a little under the weather and wanted to get
the posting up before Valentines. 
Applique ideas are endless to put on these gloves, an initial
would be cute!

Take Care,

Sunday, January 27, 2013

i Heart You for Valentines!

i heart deeds!
14 days of sharing
the love!!!
i wanted this to be simple, so I
just cut out 14 hearts from poster boards
added some candy to a bread Pyrex dish, wrote
 on the back of each heart a deed.  Starting on
February 1st,  pull out a heart and each
family member, or child does the deed to share
the love.

 i heart deeds, and more important, it would warm the heart!

Below is just some ideas for your hearts

1.   Smile at a new person and say hello!
2.  Call a family member just to say "I love you"
3.  Make someone laugh!
4.  Ask how some one's day was and listen.
5.  Tell a person, coworker or teacher you appreciate them.
6.  Do a good deed of your choice today.
7.  Hug someone for no reason.
8.  Make or draw a Valentine for someone.
9.  Give a compliment to surprise a person.
10.   Tell a special friend, your glad to be friends!
11.  As a family make cookies to give.
12.  Read a book together.
13.  Open a door for the someone!
14.  Give Valentine Candy to the unexpected!

I hope this inspires you!

Thank you daughter, April for
inspiring me!


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