Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Curb side painting to Collage

Dream, Dream, Dream Collage 


This Painting was curb side waiting for trash
pickup, I was on a bike ride in the neighborhood
and saw this painting, taking a double take.
Hey, nice colors, canvas is good, TAKE IT!
There will be a day and a plan, right?

So, I carried it, riding my bike 8 blocks back home, trying not
to bang it against my bike, and keeping my balance.
It did take over a year to do something with it
BUT I did!


I just stenciled, and decoupage some of my favorite things. 
Then painted the edges black, no need for a frame!
The colors in the painting were perfect for the redo
of our quest room.  It wasn't that bad of a painting but since it was going to the refuse, I knew to save it for a new life.

It is hard to see but the music sheets are
titled Romance and Lullaby.

Decoupage Nevada and a Doily snowflake. 

Do you have a painting on canvas
that you could save or redo? 

Take care,