Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vintage suitcases decoupaged with vintage sewing patterns!

For the Sewing Room!

Oh how I have been wanting to do this craft! Last year I found the suitcases and already had the old patterns for the decoupage. Sometimes it takes a while to get a project done. I did find the suitcases at two different Thrift stores, not easy to find! I did not get a before picture of them, sorry but at that time was too excited to spray paint them white!!  The larger one was blue and the smaller one was brown. Perfect condition and one even has a key!

The Styrofoam head was an after thought, isn't she pretty?

Below, I don't have all my supplies showing, of course decoupage Mod Podge is needed. Notice the pan of water, believe me carefully wet your pattern piece first it goes on the suitcase, much easier.
I just spread the decoupage on the spot i wanted to cover and then add the wet piece.  Then cover with more mod podge and smooth out, carefully,  It is a messy job and yes I did cover my work area. My husband was out of town and I worked while watching T.V. In the living room, shhh our secret !!!!!

A few cat toys in the upper left corner, it's just a home with a cat and lucky she was sleeping during most of my project.
This did take a few days, and kitty ripped quite a few sewing pattern tissues, stepped in my water tray,  and knocked over my mod podge !   But, oh it was all worth it!

Now, do I put vintage hankies, vintage linen, quilt magazines, or sewing supplies in these!
I will have to think about that!
There is more to do for my sewing room before it is completed, just wanted to share and
inspire!  Completed room will be shown soon, I HOPE!

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