Monday, July 18, 2011

Button Plugs Saved the Redo!


Do you see the button plug missing?  Don't be afraid to purchase an ugly unwanted piece due to this small defect!

I Knew this sad little night stand could be just the one I needed in the guest room!  Actually, I was planning on selling this piece, but you know how it is, we seem to find a place for some of our work!

Sanding drawer fronts and top for staining!
You can see I work where ever I can!
Now this is the little hole that the bellow button plug will fix everything
they come in different sizes and of course Home Depot or Lowe's
my fav's have them

In this picture, it looks larger than the other buttons
but it is just right!
Don't ya love wood glue!

You can see the stain I used, LOVE IT!

OK, Now I wanted to try the fabric to cover the drawers as
some clever bloggers have done!
I found a little secret, The hard way!
My first attempt, the fabric was a little wrinkled, even with my cute little roller!
As I was applying the mod podge and using some water for my sponge
for application the mixture was milky
I dipped the fabric in the water
and  squeezed out the excess and put the fabric in the drawer
on top a little mod podge waiting and :) it went on wonderfully
and no wrinkles at all

Kitty "Reno" I thought was asleep, but he does not miss a project!

"No" don't drink that!

Spare Bedroom, yes nothing on the wall yet, I will get to it!
By adding this to the room, I now have two night
stands!  I am glad I kept this one!
I also used the Vaseline technique on the black!
On to the next project :)

I hope this Redo may have helped someone, any questions, just let me know!

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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Looks great. Don't you just love those happy accidents. I've applied fabric the same way. Great handles.