Monday, August 8, 2011

Moron Spammers ---- Don't reply if in Doubt!

Don't Reply if in Doubt!  Delete Delete!

Have you ever wondered why there are spammer's  For the life of me, I don't get it?  It must be they are some really unhappy people trying to make others unhappy?  Personally, I really don't have time for the like, just enough time to express my thoughts!  I have noticed, especially on Craigslist, which I list some of my Shabby Redo, they really like to attack!  I don't get as many on my emails, or Blog comments, well Not yet, we will see after this??  But even received one on Pinterest, which I have not even finish setting up yet!  I shy away from facebook and twitter so far, but thank goodness I have a good Anti Virus Program. 
 Don't reply if in Doubt, Delete Delete!  But do check where the Spam goes on your email account, good emails have found their way there!
Back to the Spammer Morons  who can't spell, or make any sense, their emails stand out, I know they have a brain due to the fact they are using the computer.  If they put the time and energy in another direction, I am sure they would feel better about themselves.  Well maybe not, since they don't have a heart!  They are as tasteless as the food Spam! 
I feel for so many on Craigslist, they say please don't send me any emails----spam---just call me!
Pretty sad!

Have a spamless day!

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