Sunday, January 27, 2013

i Heart You for Valentines!

i heart deeds!
14 days of sharing
the love!!!
i wanted this to be simple, so I
just cut out 14 hearts from poster boards
added some candy to a bread Pyrex dish, wrote
 on the back of each heart a deed.  Starting on
February 1st,  pull out a heart and each
family member, or child does the deed to share
the love.

 i heart deeds, and more important, it would warm the heart!

Below is just some ideas for your hearts

1.   Smile at a new person and say hello!
2.  Call a family member just to say "I love you"
3.  Make someone laugh!
4.  Ask how some one's day was and listen.
5.  Tell a person, coworker or teacher you appreciate them.
6.  Do a good deed of your choice today.
7.  Hug someone for no reason.
8.  Make or draw a Valentine for someone.
9.  Give a compliment to surprise a person.
10.   Tell a special friend, your glad to be friends!
11.  As a family make cookies to give.
12.  Read a book together.
13.  Open a door for the someone!
14.  Give Valentine Candy to the unexpected!

I hope this inspires you!

Thank you daughter, April for
inspiring me!


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