Monday, March 25, 2013

Fence panel and bird wall art

Birds, Quotes, and Vintage Knob Wall Plaque

I purchased 4 adorable bird plagues with quotes that I was impressed with from the Dollar Tree. Honestly sometimes I can't believe the items you can find there. A lot is just what you expect for a $1.00 but these bird plagues even had an easel to stand them up for display. I knew I wanted to create something with these, I just loved the birds and quotes!

 I wanted to put them on barn wood or rustic wood scraps, but a check in my wood pile did not give me the length I wanted! Off to my second wood pile "Home Depot" and checked out their fence panels.  Cedar was on sale for $1.18 a panel, now how can you not try that?

Below, I took some close ups to help read the quotes.  My finished wall plaque is on the bottom of the page!

  I just stained the cedar and painted it lightly with a grey paint I had.
You don't even know about my paint stash!  Hopefully it will not get to be like my quilt fabric stash?
  I took off the easels and just wood glued the bird plagues on, easy! Something else needed to be done so I added a
wonderful vintage door knob!   I placed my wall plaque by the slider going out to the backyard, where I do feed and bird watch!  Love watching the seasonal birds we get!  Indoor Kitty likes watching too!

These wood pieces were from my stash, but were not long enough, just wanted to show
the bird plagues before I tore off the easel stands.

Not a fantastic picture, just could not get a good shot, could it be the
photographer, hum!

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