Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunflower Fall Wreath

 Sunflower and Sequence Fall Wreath

Hello, This was a very easy and low cost Wreath!

Funny thing is, I did this for Spring and then realized after I hung it up for 2 weeks, that Sunflowers do not come up in the Spring, they are more Autumn or Fall Flowers so I took the wreath apart and did a true Spring Wreath with hydrangeas. 
Now back to the Sunflower and Sequence Wreath.
I was in Big Lots and saw these Sunflowers with gold sequence in the center. Great idea, even if you can't find these same ones, glue sequence on other Sunflowers?   You know when you see something and like it, not knowing at the time what you will do with it?   BUY IT,  you will create in time!  These Sunflowers even have a clip on the back!   I had bought a twig wreath earlier at JoAnn's (on sale from a bin outside their store) love a good sale!  Knowing someday I would use it, and below you can see I did!  For extra Bling, I put a gold ribbon to match the sequence.


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