Thursday, March 13, 2014

Irish Fabric Ribbon DIY and Decor

Just a Shamrock  hello and a wee bit of luck and fun for St Patrick's Day to Ya!
A banner of Shamrocks from the Dollar Tree I purchased last year, I knew I would use them 
sooner or later!

I really did not do that much this year for an Irish Lady!
I wanted to share my Hair Spray trick!  
You see I needed a nice big green bow and wanted  green ribbon on my already made Burlap Wreath from an earlier post.  I had planned for days to get that green ribbon!   Have you just wanted to do a project, like right now at that moment?
Well an idea came to me.  Fabric ribbon, I have a fabric stash!   So I Found just the right material, but it was too limp to make a bow?  Hum?  Checked the house for spray starch, found some from 10 years ago,  it was full but the spray tip was missing, go figure!  I tried every spray tip I could find in the house, crazed but no luck!  Not wanting to go to the store, I came up with the idea "Hair Spray". I had just the Hair Spray too stiff for my hair!  YES!

I cut the width I wanted,  ironed out any wrinkles and went outside where it was sunny and warm to spray the strip and let it dry.
I sprayed 3 times heavy too, letting it dry each time.   This worked for me, I was happy with the stiffness.

Any firm hair spray should work.

I could use a bow making class, but I did it!

This should be a pot of gold instead of a pot of cones!

I love white candles, you can do so much.   I just added some green ribbon 
And glue stick.  I told you, I did not do a lot, but a little is good sometimes?

I love my chalk board, use it all the time, this one is in the dining room.
Take Care, Marilyn
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