Monday, March 24, 2014

Easy Spring Easter Wreath

Happy Spring to all my visitors!

I was a little under the weather, even though it is around 75 degrees and so sunny, but unable to go out and get supplies for a new Wreath for Spring.  It was time to take my St Patty's Wreath down!  My neighbors know me, and must be wondering, what's up with her? 

I had the twig wreath that I use for many occasions and went to my Easter box to check on what did I stash last year?  Yes, found artificial flowers with eggs, now how lucky was that!  Most of use can use items we already have, right?

Below is all it took!

Just clip off the thick stem bottom and then just stick the individual stems in and place where you like!

This made me feel much better and took very little time!

I hope all is well and you are enjoying your Spring time!

Take care, 
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Irish Fabric Ribbon DIY and Decor

Just a Shamrock  hello and a wee bit of luck and fun for St Patrick's Day to Ya!
A banner of Shamrocks from the Dollar Tree I purchased last year, I knew I would use them 
sooner or later!

I really did not do that much this year for an Irish Lady!
I wanted to share my Hair Spray trick!  
You see I needed a nice big green bow and wanted  green ribbon on my already made Burlap Wreath from an earlier post.  I had planned for days to get that green ribbon!   Have you just wanted to do a project, like right now at that moment?
Well an idea came to me.  Fabric ribbon, I have a fabric stash!   So I Found just the right material, but it was too limp to make a bow?  Hum?  Checked the house for spray starch, found some from 10 years ago,  it was full but the spray tip was missing, go figure!  I tried every spray tip I could find in the house, crazed but no luck!  Not wanting to go to the store, I came up with the idea "Hair Spray". I had just the Hair Spray too stiff for my hair!  YES!

I cut the width I wanted,  ironed out any wrinkles and went outside where it was sunny and warm to spray the strip and let it dry.
I sprayed 3 times heavy too, letting it dry each time.   This worked for me, I was happy with the stiffness.

Any firm hair spray should work.

I could use a bow making class, but I did it!

This should be a pot of gold instead of a pot of cones!

I love white candles, you can do so much.   I just added some green ribbon 
And glue stick.  I told you, I did not do a lot, but a little is good sometimes?

I love my chalk board, use it all the time, this one is in the dining room.
Take Care, Marilyn
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