Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Barn Red Dresser Redo and a Fall Hello!

         HELLO  To FALL!                                      

I am BACK, and Ready to share some projects that I am behind on posting.  Sometimes life takes a turn, where posting takes a back seat in your Drive of all that you love to do!

I did this dresser a while back, love the color, and with a dresser, you can use it so many ways, this one was used for a TV Cadenza!  It was done for a dear young couple that saw it unfinished, and could see the possibilities!

She was done in red, distressed with a black patina.

This Dresser was in good shape and with it being 7 foot long and 9 dovetail drawers, it is a perfect redo!


Wonderful original knobs were done in black.

I wish I could stage my finished pieces, but I am just lucky enough to move them around in the garage for redo!

Thank you for visiting and take care,


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