Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What does a Pumpkin and Zippers have in Common?


What does a Pumpkin and Zippers have in Common?


But, I do Love Pumpkins and was thinking, there are tons out 
there decorated in many clever and creative ways!  

How could I do something different?  It took a few days and
when I came across my zipper stash, mostly metal and vintage.
Well, you know how an idea just pops in your mind. 


This was quite easy and I do love the results!
Simple things give great pumpkin-pleasure!

These were the main supplies.  Dollar Tree Pumpkin soft
enough for the small straight pins.  Zippers from my collection,
tacky glue which I started with and found stick glue easier to
use to hold in place until I pinned the zippers. 
Later not shown on photo, I gathered, an old small spool, some
burlap and lace, and the special button on top! 


Now she completed my Fall Mantel Décor!

Happy Fall
Happy Halloween



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