Monday, June 20, 2011

Lid with No Pot! DIY

Got your interest?

Just a quick simple DIY on a tea pot lid I saved!  This teapot was one of my favorites and unfortunately broke in pieces, it was a miracle that the lid did not break!  I held on to it for a while, then thought, paper weight!  I took some cement from a job that was being done on a step for a house, will I didn't take the cement, but needed a small amount, it was offered to me when the job was done, perfect!  This is an easy and adorable way to save a lid that is precious to you!  Just wanted to share! 


CAS said...

That is such an adorable teapot lid. So glad you were able to find a clever "save" for it. Just took a peek at the china cabinet. Wow, that turned out beautiful.

April said...

cute idea!!