Saturday, June 4, 2011

Carolans Coffee DIY Jug Idea!!!

                                                           What a way to wake up!

All I Did
 was spray paint the Jug, I was tired of throwing them away,
yes in this household we do go through them!!!!!
I get them at Cosco, where every thing is BIG!

You can see from the picture below I hot glued twine, I know raffia is in the picture
but I changed my mind.  Those tall decor sticks or twigs are from the DOLLAR
store, could not believe it!!!!  :}

Close up of the Twine

I know I need something on the wall in this
guest room!
My plan is to have another night stand also....

Just put it here so you can see another picture of my Crafty JUG!
Not a bad place though??
I can see one of these in aqua or distressed in white, flowers would look good
inside the jug or just add to your jug collection?

Would love to hear if you do one!
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