Thursday, May 23, 2013

Awesome Aqua Painted Dresser Redo

I love Aqua and Turquoise Paint colors, and this was just the Piece for that!

Those that redo furniture know that certain pieces do tell you which color and how to
redo them!  Others, you have to take time and look at them again, and again for the inspiration to come.



I love to distress an did just that!

I was lucky to have all the original hardware!

Now, I have search high and low for the BEFORE pictures, and mind you I have tons
of pictures on my computer, iPhone, and iPad.  Obviously, my photo's
are not organized! :(  I am dizzy with hours of looking for the Before picture!
Sorry, but you know I always post the before picture, which
is always not very pleasing to the eye.  So I ask you to
imagine the above piece all brown, scratched, and in need of
a Redo! 
Have a Great Day,


Tiffany Wurz said...

What paint color, spray is this?
Thank you, Tiffany

Shabby Marilyn said...

Hi Tiffany, this paint was from Home Depot, Behr. No longer have color name, used many times, love love!
I only brush or roll my paint on, need to try spraying someday. Take care, Marilyn