Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hydrangea and Cat Tails for Spring Decor

Hello to everyone, today is dark, raining and cold, Spring is here they say, but only a few days at a time. 
So today is a good day to post my easy Spring Wreath and Cat tail floral arrangement. If you have visited me here before, you know I like Cat tails and use them year round. I use to call them pussy willows, but found out they are Cat Tails, last summer I cut a lot and received a lot of mosquito bites, what was I thinking marshy area and no repellent!  After collecting them I just coated them with diluted Elmer's Glue, let dry and spray painted them as needed.
  I also love hydrangea's but they do not survive our winters so I purchased some artificial ones and did my Spring Wreath for our front door.  I am always changing my floral arrangement on the porch and this spring did the Cat Tails for Easter and Spring. 


Outdoor Easter lantern basket to go with my Easter Cat tails!

Do you have Cat Tails in your area?
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