Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dresser Redo "Lilac Lady"

Thanks for stopping by, I really enjoy redoing furniture
and wanted to share,  just might give you some inspiration.

This Dresser was in great shape, just needed a feminine touch
to give it a new home.
Here she is:

 "Lilac Lady"

Love the hardware, it is a joy to find a piece with great hardware!

Showing the great wood carving and applique, well trying too! :)

The Pine Dresser had never been painted, until I got
my hands on her, I hope she likes her new appearance!
Take care,

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Awesome Aqua Painted Dresser Redo

I love Aqua and Turquoise Paint colors, and this was just the Piece for that!

Those that redo furniture know that certain pieces do tell you which color and how to
redo them!  Others, you have to take time and look at them again, and again for the inspiration to come.



I love to distress an did just that!

I was lucky to have all the original hardware!

Now, I have search high and low for the BEFORE pictures, and mind you I have tons
of pictures on my computer, iPhone, and iPad.  Obviously, my photo's
are not organized! :(  I am dizzy with hours of looking for the Before picture!
Sorry, but you know I always post the before picture, which
is always not very pleasing to the eye.  So I ask you to
imagine the above piece all brown, scratched, and in need of
a Redo! 
Have a Great Day,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dresser redo Pansy inspired

Hello, and welcome!

  Spring is here and we all are enjoying spring flowers! We are working in our yards, porches, or just about anywhere we can put flowers adding color to enjoy!  One such flower is the Pansy for me.  My favorite is the dark purple and yellow mix.

Meet Miss "Pansy"

I decided to pull the top drawer out and do a shelf for books, treasures, or a basket?
Yes, this dresser or side table is a pop of color!   Miss "Pansy"  is sturdy, real wood,
has dovetail drawers and plenty of storage.

I can see her in a sewing room, girls room, used for a bar table, or side table!
 She is reborn for a new life and home.

Take care,
Enjoy Spring,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dresser turned into TV Table

Hello, Max is finally done!!!

This was a Challenge!  I knew I wanted to try this piece for a TV Media Table.
Let me tell you it is much easier, just to paint the drawers, then to remove them and
the glides and prepare the inside space for a nice shelf.  I was determined especially after
taking it apart!  After a few try's I did it!  I hope you like him.  Yes, this one is male, most of my redo's seem to be Feminine!
I painted him grey, stained the center drawers and the bottom of the dresser.
Then I added a stain glaze on the grey paint.



He was reborn for a new adventure!

Take care,

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wedding White Dresser Set

Did I get your attention?  No wedding or Honeymoon, sorry this redo set done in white with black knobs just reminds me of a wedding?  White dress, Black tuxedo!

Of course when I first saw the two pieces it was not love at first sight, but I knew she would be perfect for a redo!  Could you see it?



Until next time,

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hydrangea and Cat Tails for Spring Decor

Hello to everyone, today is dark, raining and cold, Spring is here they say, but only a few days at a time. 
So today is a good day to post my easy Spring Wreath and Cat tail floral arrangement. If you have visited me here before, you know I like Cat tails and use them year round. I use to call them pussy willows, but found out they are Cat Tails, last summer I cut a lot and received a lot of mosquito bites, what was I thinking marshy area and no repellent!  After collecting them I just coated them with diluted Elmer's Glue, let dry and spray painted them as needed.
  I also love hydrangea's but they do not survive our winters so I purchased some artificial ones and did my Spring Wreath for our front door.  I am always changing my floral arrangement on the porch and this spring did the Cat Tails for Easter and Spring. 


Outdoor Easter lantern basket to go with my Easter Cat tails!

Do you have Cat Tails in your area?
Take care,
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