Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm Not Complaining, I'm Just Saying!

Wow, I was featured today and that was the one good thing that happen, thank you Lauren @ West Furniture Revival.

 I wanted to post my just finished Redo Furniture, but I am fried, my back is killing me and my brain does not seem to work properly.  To be on the safe side, posting furniture will have to wait.
 I had just accidentally added myself as a follower ON my own blog!  OMG!  It took me a while, but I did remove it, I am quite sure before anyone noticed, being new and all!  I am anxious for followers, but not that desperate!!
I must have inhaled too much paint, which is hard to do since I paint by brush and roller?  I just may have to get a paint GUN sprayer, that so many are using?  I  really do like to paint  the hard way, I could be wrong but I thought it came out better?  Any advice?  I have some fear of the paint GUN sprayer,  I imagine getting paint on everything, picturing our garage and yard to look like graffiti at its worse!
 Or  maybe the reason my fingers and brain are not coordinated , could  be the wind  blowing so hard last night  that it woke me at 3am and I could not go back to sleep?
 I will return with better capabilities for my revealing of new items,  I hope you will check back to see them!
Thank you for listening, going for a hot bath!


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

I just found your blog and have really enjoyed looking through. Yes, I found it from Furniture Revival, and am now your newest follower. I just wanted to say that I still follow my own blog. Is it uncouth? I didn't know! LOL I've been blogging a few years, but was very late in the game putting the follow thing on my blog. It's a slow go and I don't want to take my own follow down and be one less! :-)

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Thank you!