Monday, April 11, 2011

Shabby Do!

Hello, I am doing this background in Blue due to it is cloudy and cold today!  When is the true spring coming?
Yesterday I was outside painting new Redo Furniture to post and working with White paint, it was so sunny and warm I peeled off my winter wear to put on some old summer paint clothes, skimpy but what the heck, paint and get some tan at the same time, why not?  I don't know who was whiter me or the paint?  Oh well if neighbors look over or through the fence they will not try that again!

Today, I just put my winter painting gear in the dryer to warm it up before going in the garage to work, good idea, feels so good, now I just want to go lay around and watch TV! 

Better get out there while I am still warm, trying to get more posted soon, have a good day!

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