Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vintage Ball Mason Jar DIY

I love the Vintage MASON Jars as others and have filled them with various items, especially sewing goodies.
To be different
I put broken glass, yes Some Vintage and Some Just the colors I like stacked into my favorite Jar.  Just take a rubber mallet, wear gloves and break away glass.  I keep mine in the kitchen window, but anywhere light comes through is good.  It makes me smile and lightens the day, It is amazing how simple things give pleasure.
This cap is original with a glass closure
piece under the top that says Presto, with a patent #
Never seen one before!
Taking some shots outside, it is hard to capture the true glass colors that shine through.
It truly is pretty in person!
I looked for months for a pretty glass bottle to fill with colored glass then thought "Vintage Mason Jar' Perfect for my kitchen window. 

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Oh, this is Chip my Daughter's Dog
He is so Sweet!  My Daughter captured this photo, sent it by phone to me as I was waiting for my flight
 home from my visit,  saying "Chip misses You"   Chip loves his Wilson (tennis ball that I introduced to him when he was a puppy).  He waits every morning for his Wilson to be tossed into the Swimming Pool to retrieve. Might I add tossed again and again!  Which I did for 3 weeks, happily, who could resist those eyes?  "I love Chipper"
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