Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine Candle Decor and DIY

Dining Room tablescape
Just a few Dollar Tree (package of hearts)
hot glued on the candles!
You can remove them after
Vintage linen from my collection, decided to
use it, instead of it being out of site

Now below, is a repurpose idea,
do you have any baby food jars in
your house??
I just used glue stick at the beginning of twine, and white
string and wrapped around the top of jar.  Embellished with buttons, ribbon, or
little glass heart.  I used what I had in my sewing room.
I went into the garage, found a piece of 2x4 from the scrap
wood and lightly brushed some white paint on the wood.
These little jars put out great candle light, and safe with
the little tea light candle holders, no wax mess!

I want to revise the baby food jar
tea light candles!  I found that by just putting
the tea lights on the bottom of the jars, the
flame causes the glass to get hot.

So below, I added Cat Sand, non clumbing,
that we use for oil spills in the garage!
Now, the tea lights sitting on top of the sand
still looks good and the glass does not get hot.
I would not want anyone to burn their
little fingers touching the jars :)


Coffee Tablescape.  Tray I had, candles I had, and
beautiful vintage doily I had,
just sprinkle confetti (Dollar Tree) and wrap with
ribbon (Dollar Tree).   Again you can remove the ribbon
after Valentine's Day!

This Confetti for $1.00 comes with plenty, use in your Valentine
Cards?  Messy for the receiver, but cute!

I found this candle holder at the Goodwill
it was all brown, I just lightly brushed white
paint on it for the look I wanted.
I wrapped a pink gross grained ribbon and hot glued
a red heart from the above package on the ribbon!

The below idea, I did at least 6 years ago, just hot glued
candy hearts around  the rim of store bought candles.  They stay on very nicely with that
good old hot glue gun!

I hope this inspires you to add some Valentine Candle
Light to your Home!
Now, I am off to finish my Burlap Wreath for Valentine's
Day!  I know there are so many out there on Pinterest and
the Blog World, and I must have one!  I will post it when finish!

Take care,

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