Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Twig Valentine Heart

Twig Heart For Valentine Decor
I must say I saw a twig heart on
Pinterest and the thought of twigs inspired
me to do one for Valentine's!
 I preceded to figure out just how to do one!
Below I will share!
The pin on Pinterest did not give me
information on the source, so wanting to give credit
where due, I searched the web and found Ellen and her blog

I was tickled when I was done,
I might add it was a challenge for me.

This is what I did:
I gathered twigs, lucky that the snow had melted and it warmed during the day!
Draw a heart on a poster board the size you want.
Cut twigs the size you need to fill in your heart.
I used rose clippers.
Spray paint twigs!
The hard part, picture frame hanger wire to
attach twigs.  I wondered if string would have
Finally, hang with ribbon or I used a scrap of material.

Take Care,
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Marji Roy said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my twig heart. Very different approach than yours. Nicely done. I love things made from twigs, and stones, and branches, and weeds......

Peggy~PJH Designs said...

Such a sweet heart! lol Thanks so much for sharing at Transformed Tuesday. Hugs, Peggy