Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Look What Was Under My Christmas Tree!!

Yes!  Isn't she Beautiful !!

"Sheba" is our new addition to the family!
 I always wanted a Bengal cat and after visiting the Breeder, we chose this beautiful 5 Month old girl !  This was a great Christmas Gift! Thank you Husband!  We brought her home December 19th,  and our home is once again filled with kitty love!

If you read my posts about our Lost Kitty "Reno" you know the sadness that was in our hearts.  Many have asked and some still wonder, I am sad to say he has not been found.  I will never give up on him, we are in hopes he comes home to find a sister!   Many Bloggers and Neighbors and even from Craigslist reached out to me and all your words were comforting, I do thank all of you.

As sad as it was, the preoccupation of our new kitty is just what the doctor ordered!   This time Sheba will be an inside cat only.   We were lucky to find a Breeder in our area and one we were happy with too!  So life is good, back to cleaning a cat box,  cat toys all over the house, and a soft furry pet with unconditional LOVE!


Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Oh my, Sheba is adorable!

Tera Leigh said...

What a gorgeous cat!! Following your blog!