Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shutter DIY "Window Of My Soul"


I have added more pictures, AS YOU CAN SEE :)

"window of my soul"

So many of us love the old shutters, and there are a  lot of wonderful ideas in the blogging world.  I wanted to do something a little different and I also wanted to add photo's of family members to my sewing and computer room.  After great thought, this came up!
I will share the items to make this photo or bulletin board, it might just inspire you to do something similar?


Vintage Shutters
Core board
2 canvas for painting
wall decals

By turning over the canvas (I purchased at Super Walmart) it looked
like a window frame to me?
So, I stained the wood trim
and cut the core board to fit inside. First I
covered the core board with a dark blue material with white stars
 (from my quilt stash)
and taped to
the back.  Added Elmer's Glue and put inside the canvas back.

The wall decals were from the Dollar Store
and worked out well, they really stay on to my amazement,  I was sure they would
fall off!   Can you imagine for a $1.00!

I did rough up the shutters a bit with a hammer and distressed lightly with
vintage green and some of the stain.
There is a lot of possibility to this DIY, at first I wanted the inside window to
give the impression it had 4 window panes, 4 separate canvas, but as I did the project this is how it
worked out due to the height of my shutters.
Finished dimensions are 36 1/2 inches Wide  and 36 inches Tall

Now, when I am in my Sewing room, everyone is close by!

This truly is the
"Window of my Soul"
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Waseem said...

Like the the way you use these shutters.
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Maricela Milum said...

That’s a nifty idea you did there! I can tell you’re a creative person, seeing as how you were able to turn those old shutters into an inspiring bulletin board! I love you how you were able to let your imagination run wild and free. It looks cute AND functional!

yugandher Reddy said...

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