Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crackle Coat Dresser Attempt!

craigslist  BEFORE

Would you past this up?
Well, I did not!
I did this in early 2011, wanting to try doing a crackle coat
for the first time, on the drawer fronts, and wanting to use regular Elmer's glue instead of the Crackle kit you buy!  Well, it was too long ago to go into all the details, but I believe flat paint under the
glue would have worked better?  And I remember staring at the glue waiting for the crackle to happen, and happen!  It didn't come out like they said it would!  Of course, I do attempt some new ideas with only some knowledge and go for it, so this is how it turned out!
It was one of those Furniture Redo's that you start and not sure where it will take you.  I liked this piece due to there is no drawer pulls!  Just an indention for your hands on the drawers.  First one I've seen and thought it would be good for a T.V. table, side table, or dresser.

drawer pull close up!

The top is all white, I did not get a picture!
My creation did go to a happy customer, always makes you feel good!  I later did buy a Crackle finish kit, but have not used it yet?  Now that I have all the directions too!!

More Before and After to Come!  I hope you enjoy my redo's and they can inspire you to redo a piece of furniture!

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Betsy said...

Congratulations on selling the dresser. A piece like that is like a blank many possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

I redo some things that don't turn out right, too. I did a craft today that didn't turn out, that's just how the cookie crumbles, sometimes. Your dresser does look nice still, though.
Hugs, Cindy