Monday, October 8, 2012

Laundry Dryer Lint DIY

What do Butt Wipes and Dryer Lint Have In Common?

Nothing really, just trying to get your attention!  I don't know about you but I do not want a trash can in my laundry room, especially because there is not a space for it!  I am always pulling lint from the lint trap and going to the closest point, which is right across the hall, into the bathroom to throw away the unsightly clump of lint.  This is my quest bathroom, so it is not that pleasant to look at, even though I do empty the trash can often!  Hey maybe there is a common ground on the lint and butt wipe!??
Well one day, when one of my Baby wipe containers, or Butt wipe container depending on your household, was empty I thought of a idea.  I am sure there are a lot of ideas to store items in these!

 Why not put one on my dryer? YES,  pop open the top and push in that lint and it's even out of sight too! Works for the old dryer sheets too!  I really like mine and maybe it could work for you.  Have I gone Butt crazy? 
I just painted over the label and
marked Lint!
Easy Easy!

Yes, that is Kitties Butt!   She is adding to my story!

Just pop in and close the lid!   Simple things like that make me happy!

I do want to mention that their are some talents out there that use this
stuff!  I do like to keep things  and reuse, but I will be tossing mine!

Interesting check below!

Lint Art


Unknown source



                                   And now for some not so artful lint!!
                                   Dryer Lint can be dangerous!!!  :{

Very Important to remove that Lint
Every time!
                                       Happier Picture to leave you with!
Our Bengal cat wondering what I will do next?
I thought I should show more than her Butt!

thanks for looking, would love to hear your
comment! Take care!

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1 comment:

nancy carlson said...

Hmmm... I wonder what I can use for a lint container... I collect the stuff and then (sometimes) make home-made paper with part lint, part paper. If you 'fix' you own hair with a pair of scissors in front of the mirror this may cause stray hairs in the lint. Not so pretty in the paper... Or animal hairs.
Or make fire-starters using left-over candle wax (and pinecones if you happen to have a stash in your yard.)
Or just let it collect, and take up space. But heaven forbid that I should throw it out!